Welcome to Davesreeds.com! (Formerly Lizziethecat.com. Same cat, cooler website.)

Dave’s affordable, handmade reeds are made from medium strength (perfect for beginners!) cane from a variety of sources, tested for playability, and adjusted as necessary to meet our high standards for tone quality and intonation.

However, please note that reed behavior, particularly intonation, can vary between individual players, instruments, and climates. Some adjustments may be necessary after delivery for best results.

After an initial few hours of use, bassoon reeds will “break in” typically getting slightly harder and less vibrant. Pitch will usually also rise slightly. Opinions usually vary on whether the effect on tone quality is a plus or minus, but pitch changes can be mostly counteracted by lightly sanding the blade of the reed.

Other adjustments may also be necessary to ensure optimum performance over an extended period. Our Reed Care Hotsheet includes information on making small adjustments to intonation yourself. It also includes a couple web sites and some book recommendations for more advanced players looking to make their own reeds.

Following testing, all of Dave’s Bassoon Reeds are cleaned using ultrasonic cleaning and good soak in rubbing alcohol. (Although we rinse afterwards, some alcohol odor may linger. Another good rinse will usually get rid of it.)